It is difficult to describe Makarska only in a few sentences. Makarska is a little town with approximately 20 thousands citizens located in the heart of Dalmatia, 60 kilometers in the southeast far from Split, which is the centre of the region and 150 kilometers in the northwest far from Dubrovnik. In the north Makarska is bordered and protected by the mountain Biokovo and in the south from the islands of BraŤ and Hvar. Thank to the ideal location the climate in Makarska is known for its sunny summers and mild winters. The main branch of activity is, of course, tourism. There is also an evident breeding of olive trees and cultivation of grape- vine. There are lots of restaurants, night clubs, souvenir- shops, cultural monuments, museums, sports and recreations fields, and walking paths in the city. To experience everything in the right way you just have to visit Makarska.
The city of Makarska and the Makarska Riviera have lots of beautiful pebble stone beaches with a length of almost 45 kilometers. The sea is clean and clear. The average temperature of the sea during the summer is 22- 23 degrees.
The sea is skin- deep in the first couple of meters and from the surface you can see the multifarious sea- bottom. If itís getting too hot for you, you can go into the shadow of the pine trees or strengthen yourself in one of the near beach bars that you can find at every step.